Keeping Busy in Nakuru

By Kevin, IHF Kenya Work-Study Volunteer

My third week at IHF Nakuru was filled with many different activities and adventures. I was finally able to finish my video project for the local football team, and as soon as it is approved I will be posting the video on all of the social media websites. The video shows the passion of the kids, playing the game that they love, despite the obstacles they face, such as a lack of shoes and equipment. I look forward to others witnessing what I have already seen: great kids having lots of fun and enjoying what they do.Nak1

I also continued to assist in putting together a football tournament for our kids, as well as children from other homes. We have two goals in organizing this activity. First, we want our kids to interact with others in the local community, so that they can gain friends. Second, the hope is that we can reach out to other children’s homes in order to collaborate on future events. I worked with the directors on meeting various community leaders and other non-profits in the area in order to network and organize the event. We also met with the media to try to publicize our event. We have the hope that we can turn this into a successful (and perhaps annual) event.Nak3

I also had the pleasure of taking more kids shopping with sponsor-donated money. It is enjoyable to see the smiles on the kids’ faces as they look for clothes. They truly love the experience and the fact that they have people who care about them and are willing to donate and sacrifice for them.

Finally, we put together a party for our children, and this was definitely the most enjoyable moment of the week for me. The kids had food, music, and balloons, and had a wonderful time. They sang and danced, and we also raffled out prizes to them, which they had fun with as well. The whole evening was a memorable one. If next week is anything like this week, then I look forward to it.Nak2


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