First impressions of Thailand

By Lange Wei, Work-study volunteer at IHF Chiang Rai

Before I Came to Thailand, I thought Thailand would be a fantastic country, and it didn’t disappoint me! I was surprised by how friendly everybody is; the children are lovely too, they were so welcoming when I arrived.thaia1

The food is very healthy, with lots of vegetables! The children are less keen on them though, and quite often help out with the cooking so they can put less in. In the last week, some sponsors brought milk and eggs for the children, which made a lovely treat and gave our Spanish director a chance to make the kids an omelette.

thail2In order to show their gratitude to sponsors, children made some colorful posters with words of thanks.

thail4I had a fantastic experience with my friends over the last two weeks and now they have to go back home to China. I’m upset they have to go, however, there might be a new volunteer come here to give me a company. The children and I are looking forward for meeting this new volunteer.thail3


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