Settling in at Jakarta

By SHI We, Work-study volunteer at Jakarta IHF

I’m very very very happy this week. I was a little afraid before arriving IHF Jakarta, but after I arrived here, any fear I initially had disappeared straight away. Everyone here is very nice and children are very sweet and clever.


When Mengmeng, Yajing and myself arrived, rain was pouring! At first, we watched Tess teach an English class. At night, the four of us drew a poster promoting classes over Ramadan.



Today, we watched Karolina’s English class and taught Mandarin class for some of the students. At night, I learnt how to play UNO which I have never played before.


I taught three lessons today: the first with Anqi, the second with Mengmeng and Yajing and the last with Yajing. At night, I organized the center library.TODA2


Today, myself and the other Chinese held a calligraphy class which the students found very interesting. Anisa joined us and we gave every student who attended this class a Chinese name.TODAY4


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