Helping to liven up the Banda Aceh center

By Dai Shenjun

We decided to paint a mural on one of the classroom walls here at the center so that the children will feel refreshed when they come back for the new semester. We painted it using a Super Mario theme, making the wall look lively. We left space where additional photos to be can be stuck on the painted bricks. The children here were very helpful and enthusiastic, helping us paint. We also made promotional posters for the new school year and put them up to the street. We hope all our preparations will work and we look forward to seeing the children come

Everyone at the center is so friendly, we work together, do gardening, have meetings and set up new teaching facilities. It feels really harmonious. On the weekend, myself and David went to Pulah Weh island together and enjoyed an extremely beautiful ocean view that I have never seen in China. mini-DSC_0904These days in Aceh have given me the chance to get close to the local people and experience pure Indonesia. The experience in Aceh center is really special and unforgettable.



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