A call-out to our IHF supporters in the UK:

One of our up-coming IHF volunteers is organising an operation that could supply many of the IHF education centres with a large number of children’s books.  We need your help! Details are yet to be confirmed, but we are in talks with a library service in the South-West of England that are currently throwing away whole skip loads of perfectly useable, plastic covered, ex-library books because they have no use for them. These are books that we can put to good use!


Shipping costs have proved too prohibitive, with some companies quoting over £400 for ten suitcases. An alternative, more effective, cheaper plan can be put into action, but it would need the assistance of UK volunteers such as yourself!

If we can find a location (a spare room, a loft, a garage etc.) in which to store these books, volunteers or co-directors about to depart for a centre could fill a suitcase or two before they leave, and take these with them on the plane. This has the added advantage of being drastically cheaper as well as being shapeable by demand – centres in need of the most books can be prioritised, and centres can even specify the type of books they require.

Because nearly all UK volunteers heading for the international centres would be leaving from Heathrow, the ideal storage location would be somewhere in the vicinity of the airport. London is the obvious choice, but anywhere in that area of the country would be fantastic!

Therefore, we are appealing for two things in order to make this operation possible:

1)    A kind (and vital!) volunteer(s) who has a space in their home (or any space they know of) in which the books can be stored, and from which outgoing volunteers can arrange to pick up a suitcase or two before they leave for a centre. The number of books can depend on the space available, we are probably looking at around 20 – 25 suitcases worth at most, but the more the merrier! Remember, the closer to Heathrow, the better! This is a must at the moment. Without a ‘depot-house’, these books will go to waste, since the library service won’t be willing to arrange for each individual volunteer to pick up from them at separate, uncertain dates, and even if they did, they aren’t near enough to Heathrow to make this viable!

2)    A number of volunteers with access to a vehicle willing to drive in convoy to the South West (Devon) on a specified date in order to pick up a large number of books and deliver them to the above, volunteered location. More cars mean more books! I will sort out the arrangements once I have gauged interest and availability, but this ‘Mass Collection Day’ (which would involve driving some distance but could prove a lot of fun!) would probably take place over the next four months. Obviously, expressing an interest doesn’t tie you to an unspecified date, and if it turns out you then can’t make it at a later time, no problem.

This is an exciting opportunity, both to recycle a large number of books that are otherwise doomed to become landfill and to equip various IHF centres with well-needed reading material for the children. With the help of a few charitable people such as yourself, we could establish a large, low-cost and effective library supply that would be sure to benefit IHF children and staff all around the globe!

Thank you for reading, and if you are able to assist in any way or have any queries/suggestions don’t hesitate to email Rob at roby@ihfonline.org.

Looking forward to hearing from you. This project could prove to be a big one, so get on board if you can!



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