Getting to know Bali

This week I have definitely come to feel at home in the village of Kampung Buitan.  I am becoming familiar with the little shops in the area and the women in the laundromat know me by name.  I was introduced to the Balinese transportation system and took my first Bimo ride.  I have even found a few little spots to get away for a short break.PIT3PIT4

Teaching classes has become easier and I am starting to build some great relationships with some of the students.  But my highlight of the week has been going out with Intan to do presentations at the elementary schools to promote the program.  The kids at the schools are always so excited to see us and so are the teachers.  It has been great to walk around the different villages and see what Balinese schools look like.  At one of the schools I introduced myself to some of the older girls and when we went back all of the students were shouting my name, for a moment I knew what it would feel like to be a celebrity.  PIT2

It’s hard to believe that I only have a week left, but I’m looking forward to the new experiences I will have.PIT3


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