Initial impressions of Medan IHF

By YAN Yujin, Voluntourist at IHF Medan Center

My first week spent at the Medan Center was really nice. Everything for me is a special and unforgettable experience. The director here is just like a big sister, we talk everything to do with the center, the kids and life…M222

The kids here are cute, although some of them are naughty in class. Adiva, the daughter of our housemother, is of course everyone’s love. The local volunteers and teachers help me a lot. The classes are usually taught at night. We teach different ages of kids and play with them as well. There are four girls who always stay in the center and play for a while after class. I taught them games and we play together almost everyday. The food at the center is good; there is chicken for lunch and dinner, but the flavor differs. In one word, the Medan Center is a big, lovely and friendly family.M111

P.S. the people in the pics are my new friends in Medan~~~

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