Independence Day celebration at the Aceh center

By Riski Suryana, IHF Aceh center local volunteer
This is my first blog for IHF Aceh Center as a local volunteer. Last week, we celebrated the Independence Day of Indonesia. We prepared some games for our students. We choose  traditional games like makan kerupuk (eating crackers which were hanging from a string), balap kelereng (marble and spoon race), and finding coins in a plates  full of flour.2013-08-24 08.31.10 Lots of children and families turned up for the event that we held outside in our garden. There is one of local volunteer  named Rossa who did face painting, drawing small Indonesian flags on the cheeks of our students. 2013-08-24 09.00.32
Me, Arnis and Aris were responsible for another activity. We painted a big IHF Aceh logo on a white cotton sheet that was 3 meters long. We painted it with blue, yellow and red paint (making it as similar as possible to the IHF logo). After that, I was the first one to dip my hand in paint to stamp the banner and sign it. After this, all of our students immediately approached me and asked stamp their hands on the banner too and briefly, the white cotton changed to a cotton sheet fully covered with our handstamps and signatures. 2013-08-24 09.54.28
We give prizes to the winners of each game, although these were only simple gifts as  mark of appreciation to those who  won. The smiles on the children’s cute little faces made us very happy. They played until they got tired and we all joined together to eat some snacks that we prepared. Many parents came to join us. After that, we took some photos together in front of the IHF Aceh banner. Something that I can say is that I am proud to be a part of IHF Aceh center.

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