Preparing for the new school year in Jakarta

By Elisa, Voluntourist at IHF Jakarta

The day after we came back from our trip in Jogja, we started to paint the walls of the entrance hall in yellow.We took down the ceiling which was so dirty that we had to clean the floor! In the afternoon we went to start student recruitment. It was nice to see how lovely the local population is! This was my first real contact with the local people. Afterwards, Tiwi invited  us to her home and we had a great time there (her cookies were so delicious)!

The next day, we did the second layer of painting and went to the market to purchase ingredients to cook pasta. Once again,  we did student recruitment but this time, we played some games with the children. IMG_5427The next morning, I helped Ayu who is a great chef with cooking chicken curry. It was interesting to see how they cook in Java and I am sure that with a teacher like Ayu, I can do it again when I will be back in Europe . During the same time, my brother went with Ade to buy some wood for the ceiling.  The next day, I helped with putting up the new ceiling, which is now white. It has dramatically improved compared to the grey colour and dirt that there was before.

I helped Ayu to prepare ice-cream for a party which will take place the next day. I was also was to finally teach my first class .The children were lovely! IMG_5519On Saturday, from 10am to 12, we held a registration session for new students. My job was to type the identity of the students into the computer. After that, we held a party which began by singing and dancing the Chicken Dance.  During this party there were plenty of games organised for children. IMG_5504They seemed to really enjoy them and we had a very good time too.  The party finished with a water fight. The title of the wettest people went to Tess, Rhamma and my father!  In the evening we went to play football at Monas … another wonderful time was had.  As you can see, I had a lot of fun this week, just like the week before! I will never forget these moments and all the great people that I met here !!!IMG_5553 copy


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