Saying farewell to Jakarta

By Giancarlo, Luca and Elisa, Voluntourists at IHF Jakarta

This week is the last of our three weeks in IHF Jakarta.  On Friday night we will be in a plane flying back to Luxembourg … We have already start feeling some nostalgia and we are trying to enjoy every moment spent with all the great people we have met at the center: the children, temporary and permanent volunteers, … .ij4

This week, schools are holding normal classes again.  We are involved in all the computer classes and take part in the English classes.  We have realised that the computer classes are of great interest to the children. They have access to academic programs which are very entertaining, and they really enjoy this way of learning.  We try to make English class more fun for students by studying geography through manual methods (cutting pictures and sticking them on maps).  We hope they can learn English and geography simultaneously that way.  We were very smitten by how easily the children created a very pleasant relationship with us.  They were very demanding for our attention and for our jokes.  We only met them for 2 or 3 times, but we will never forget some of them, and definitely the great – but too short – time we spent together.

Beside the “normal” teaching activities, we were very surprised by 2 events of the week:  a donation which came from the High Scope International School of Jakarta, and by the donation of material coming from a movie production.  Both of these generous acts impressed us, testifying of the generosity of the people having participated to these gifts.ijij3

Finally, we ended our week, with a football game on Wednesday (the final score was:  65 to 63…  more or less!), and a nice dinner together on Thursday to say good bye (which will hopefully turn into a “see you soon”).

The most difficult day was the last one:  saying goodbye to each of the beautiful people we had met at the center was a nightmare from an emotional point of view.  I am writing this blog 2 weeks after our return home, and we miss our new friends like crazy.  Wish you guys, children and volunteers all the best for the future and really hope to see you again!

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