Ramadhan in Medan

By CAI Xinyue, Work-Study Volunteer at IHF Medan Center

This is my first time to go abroad, so initally, I felt nervous and was afraid I would not be able to communicate with the students. However, when I arrived at the Medan Center, my concerns went away because of the friendly people. I became an English teacher and monitored exams. This was a special experience. Additionally, when I taught the primary school students, all the volunteers worked together to make props for the class. These were used to teach students fruit words while giving them the opportunity to play an interesting game. The students all liked our game and props. On our off day, we cooked together. Maybe our food was not too delicious but we all tried and were happy.IMG_1380

As time goes by, I have spent three weeks at the center. We have now entered the Ramadhan month for Muslims, a very important festival. We decided to breakfasting at the center with students and local teachers. During the Ramadhan month, Muslim people will not eat anything from sunrise until sunset. We prepared a lot of Muslim traditional food and drink for the occasion. Looks delicious right?

IMG_1493Many students came to center and played with others. They also brought some food from home.IMG_1494

After breakfasting, students and teachers talked and enjoyed music. All of our students liked taking photos.


It was a very special experience!


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