Having fun while teaching in Banda Aceh

Hi ! My name is Melissa. I have been volunteering at Banda Aceh IHF since November 2012. Everyday is very busy day for me and Caroline, running the center and teaching many English and Math classes however, our local volunteers help us out a lot. I teach Math for elementary school students and English for Junior High School students. I really enjoy teaching them. Even though I don’t have any official qualifications in teaching, I try my best. All the students here are very enthusiastic to study and are really cute too! 2013-07-27 10.29.17 2We found some of them have difficulties with learning but we try to help them and give them the extra assistance they need to understand each lesson.

2013-09-02 18.43.06This week also a little hard for me because Caroline and myself were in a minor motorbike accident and we got some scrapes and bruises. The pain really annoys me but when I see the faces of our students coming to class, all the bad feelings disappear. I am so happy to be a part of IHF, I feel so grateful for this experience. All the people here very nice and the students are very polite, it’s like I have a new family. I will never forget the memories I have with IHF.2013-07-27 09.10.29 2


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