Sad goodbyes to new friends

By Richard, IHF Co-Director Kenya

This week was very emotional for both volunteers and the children. Just when we were all used to having so many volunteers around, they bid their final goodbyes this week. The children found it very difficult as all the volunteers Silvia, Kevin and Jen had become part of our family. We all rediscovered the joys of playing the hangman, it was really nice to have everyone join in at the game, it also turned educational, we split into 3 teams and it turned so competitive that we all were trying to come up with difficult words for the other teams, dictionaries, pens and notebooks came out as not to make any mistakes. Jen also bought out many t-shirts for all of us to sign which was from her but also some former volunteers at the centre, who attend university with her back in China. Everyone was trying to think of funny messages to write to them as it had been so long since we had seen some of them.

After heartfelt goodbyes to the staff and children, all the volunteers left together to spend their last weekend in Nairobi for some sightseeing and to hang out together as everyone had grown so attached to each other, Boshra and I even joined them. It was really lovely and it was nice to have a bit of grown up time together though it was so obvious that the volunteers really did not want to leave, especially Silvia who had grown so attached to the Kenyan lifestyle and the children. The week was very emotional with many ups and downs but we all made sure we hung out as much as we can together and many pictures were taken to capture all the special moments together. donations 014


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