The Life of a Teacher

It’s been another busy week at the Aceh center with classes still being large in size coupled with a shortage of teachers due to the start of the new college year. This has left all current volunteers working very hard, teaching back-to-back classes on a daily basis!

CarolineAs always, seeing our students smiling faces every afternoon is motivation enough. Their enthusiasm and eagerness to learn is really incredible, causing them to stay behind after class to practice their English, or happily call out ‘satu lagi, Miss, satu lagi!’ (one more, Miss, one more!) after they complete all their given exercises. Our out-reach classes in Blang Krueng are also growing in size, with many more older students beginning to attend. Our two out-reach teachers, Rosa and Aieda, are doing a fantastic job with teaching the students there.

Children1I have been running college classes two times per week at the center for older students who would like to practice conversational English, reading literature and writing essays. These classes have been very popular and next week, we will be holding mock job interviews in English and re-writing CVs in English for students to practice applying for their first big international position! It is great to see such high ambitions amongst our students and hopefully, IHF can help them in reaching their future goals.

Children2By Caroline Lukaszyk, Co-Director IHF Aceh center


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