My wonderful experience as a volunteer at IHF Bali

Before I come to the center, I thought what I have would be a common volunteer experience. After spending 1 week in this center, I realize how meaningful and wonderful the work is. Me and my friend arrived at Bali on 16th August and the next day after that was independence day of Indonesia. We played many different games with children, and it was really great to see their smiling faces. It was really an unforgettable day for me.


The children in IHF Bali center are so cute that I can’t help taking photos of them. Some of them are outgoing and willing to communicate to me even if sometimes we can’t understand each other totally. Some others are shy but still show politeness and say hi to me whenever we meet. Their English levels are varied but they all can say ”What’s your name”, “Thank you” and some simple sentences like these.

At class, they always remind me of my own childhood. Some children listen to me very carefully and always write down everything on the board. Some of them (especially boys) are naughty and tend to go on the random. But whenever I act like I’m angry, they will behave well and show respect. Most of them feel like to learn more in the class, which encourages me to prepare every class seriously.

Kids2The director in Bali center is Intan who is very nice. She devotes herself totally to the children here and surely every child loves her. It’s extremely good to work with her.

Although I have only had 1 week in the center until now, I feel like I’m the member of the big family and I really hope more people can participate in this meaningful volunteer work.

Kids3 Xiaqian Shi, Volunteer, IHF Bali


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