Don’t Step on my Blue Suede Shoes

This week was very peaceful and uneventful, it was a school week so we all fell into a routine of waking up early and going to sleep early. The highlight of the week was the donations we received from some do-gooders, it was a huge amount of clothes, shoes and bags. Kapedo, Richard and I took hours to sort them out and lay them out in the study room, when we were done the room really resembled a clothes store which was really nice as the children knowing something was amiss had gathered outside of the room, it was really hectic, so we had to let them in 4 at a time and give every group 5 minutes to choose 3 items from the clothes. The older girls benefited the most as most things that were donated were ladies clothes and shoes.

ClothesIt was really nice to see the children’s excited faces, it was also so funny to see Kapedo and some other boys try on dresses and heels making everyone laugh a lot with their impressions of how girls apparently are. It turned out to be a long day though and it ran into dinner, by the end of it we were so famished and exhausted that we all ended up cleaning our plates of Ugali and Kales. The week ended peacefully with a meeting organised by the boys so they can discuss what their issues are and how we can address them with all of the staff present.

BoysRichard, Co-Director, IHF Kenya


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