Indonesian Independence Day

Last Saturday we celebrated Independence day in Indonesia. The children were invited for an afternoon full of fun and games at the IHF Bali center. On Friday around 40 children had registered for the games, but the word had spread and by Saturday 1pm the center almost got too small for all the happy faces. We made decorations, bracelets and the kids got their faces painted with the Indonesian flag. Their initial shyness towards us quickly changed into hugs from the girls and jokes from the boys.
Everyone was ready for some games! Their enthusiasm was contagious. All the kids were laughing, running, jumping an shouting. I think you could hear us from kilometers away, but they were all happy sounds of happy children. Sounds of kids trying to win a game just as much as trying to encourage their friends to win.
And not only the children were smiling, I felt so appreciated when I looked at the sides and saw the mothers smiling and thanking us, enjoying the sight of all their kids playing.

Face PaintAfter a few hours of fun, snacks and drinks, everyone returned home with a small gift and hopefully some good memories.

Silence fell over the center and all their was left was a messy garden and 5 exhausted volunteers. We all enjoyed the afternoon so much that we didn’t care we still had to clean the center while the Balinese sun was burning hot. We jumped in the pool to cool down and we treaded ourself with a delicious dinner in Padang Bai.

It is so nice to see how you get to know the students better every day and how they start to know you better. Some of them are still too shy to ask questions, but a lot of them open up more every class.

We ended the week with quizzes about what they learned the last two weeks. It was rewarding to see that the kids who come to the classes regularly did really well on the test. I’m looking forward to teach them more the next coming weeks.

GamesCharlot, Volunteer, IHF Bali


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