Happy (Belated) Ramadan!

Ramadan is a sacred month where the Muslim celebrate the prophet Muhammad first accepted revelations in the lunar month. It is a time of spiritual improvement, reflection and increment of devotion to all Muslim by fasting, which means they could only eat and drink before the sunrise and after sunset. Since Indonesia is the biggest Muslim country, we’d expect most IHF students also fast during the month, even though it’s not necessary for the kids to do it. So, this week is pretty quiet than the week before, it’s still excited but there are only few students came to the center these days, moreover there are no evening class available throughout this month. Although Ramadan made them easily fatigue during the day, the students who came were very spirited and there are no difference whatsoever whether they’re fasting or not.

Volunteer 2

For these two weeks, the center has additional class of Chinese calligraphy every Friday afternoon from 3-5 pm. The idea was to create our Chinese name out of the original ones. For example my name is Annisa, so the volunteers from Mainland China made my Chinese name, Ni Sha, and let  wrote it down in Chinese calligraphy. We had so much fun! There are a couple of student who came and really worked hard to practice writing their names. The Chinese Volunteers did it so easily, but trust me, it was harder than I thought. We really enjoyed the sessions, because as we went through the class we get to know each other even better. We share laughs and some of hilarious stuffs that broke the ice between the students and voluntourists.

Volunteer 1

At the end of this week, we organized the IHF postcards, so the people can buy it for 10.000 rupiah and the money goes straight to donation. The start of Ramadhan month has been such a blessing for IHF center Jakarta, we have Ayu who graduated from high school and got accepted in one of the top university in Jakarta, Ade will finish his exams real soon, and Rahma & Adit will start their new semester. In our case, Ramadan is truly the month of blessing.

Ni Sha, Volunteer, IHF Jakarta


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