Independence Day in Bali

This is the first week here , the first impression of Bali center is amazing. The lifestyle and the buildings is so fresh to me. We were so lucky that the second day after we came is the Indonesian Independence Day. We hang the little flags and prepared some games and presents for the kids.The whole afternoon was so nice that everybody was having fun.

Kids2Though the kids didn’t understand what the Indonesian Independence Day really means , but they were just as happy as they were supposed to be,which, in my opinion ,is a pretty nice thing. The following days we first tried to teach the children of different grades and now we get used to it. We know that what should be done in the class, such as the stickers are so attractive to them that they will listen to us and finish their work to get them.

KidsAs a result, I think it’s really worth the trip, it’s meaningful and beautiful , the kids are just so cute and I really want to do something for them. I hope I can be of any help.

VolunteersXiaoran, Volunteer, IHF Bali


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