IHF: An Inspiring Story

IHF proudly presents a video as “TOP 10 Inspiring Stories from Destinations 2013”, from a competition that promotes sustainable, responsible, and social-impact tourism in Asia, which was conducted by Wild Asia. Based on what was IHF selected? “The selection of successful stories is based on the authenticity of the story, creative and innovative elements and the power to inspire others towards making responsible tourism a reality.” (http://tourism.wildasia.org/2242/call-inspiring-stories-2013/)

I was told to aim for the “Top 10” slots, as we thought we were too small fish for “The Top 3”. We launched the arrow to the right target somehow! The title of Top 10 Inspiring Stories comes with promotion through online partners of Wild Asia of what IHF centers do for the Indonesian (or Thai or Kenyan) local community.
The video is an all-in-one-package of virtual tourism; a quick tour to the IHF Jakarta center and the insight of IHF’s activities with local and international volunteers, plus a quick introduction to the Indonesian culture. From now on, you should be interested in volunteering with IHF not only to help children, but also to experience smelly jengkol cooked by Icha’s mother!
The whole process of making the video took about one month and the idea came from a discussion while driving home after a full day of work at the center. A pink sticky note attached in mind, “we don’t need the first prize” took off a lot of pressure. What we are so happy about is that the title comes with the opportunity to show the wider world the “kitchen” from which we feed Indonesian, Thai and Kenyan kids with education – our humble centers.
For your information, there was no script to the video (Karolina learning crucial Indonesian vocab while on-air – priceless!), almost all persons appearing in the video were caught by surprise and answered questions off the top of their heads. Karolina talked in the video for a total of 45 minutes and I had to cut it into 5 minutes for the sake of the competition! Thank you so much for contributing your appearances, guys; IHF students with their moms, Giancarlo, Luca, Mu, Tiwi, Ibu, Icha, Yuan Fang, Qian Ru, and Tess. YOU are the center and YOU are IHF.
Have a look at our inspiring story at http://tourism.wildasia.org/2562/pass/

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