A big thank you to our incredibly valued sponsors

IHF is grateful to our children sponsors, who whole-heartedly give to educating our children so that their dreams may come to life.

Our TEP (Education), Medical and Orphan programs are sponsorship funded projects that provide for children from impoverished backgrounds. These programs give children with no means to go to school a chance for an education, and gives orphaned children from the slums and tribal areas a safe home, nutrition and medical care.

One of our sponsors recently provided us feedback with encouraging words to continue our work with rigor and passion. Here is what she had to say:

“IHF is one of the best smaller scale charities that I have had the honour of sponsoring through. I sponsor two children through the TEP. It only costs a small amount each month to provide a child with Maths, Computer and English classes, along with celebrations, outings and supplies.

Each month I receive a newsletter from the Centre, along with a photo and letter of the child. It is so easy to get to know your sponsor child. The communication is quick and easy. There is also the choice of sending packages, what little girl wouldn’t love a teddy bear for their birthday? Or a pretty pink dress? I know my sponsor girls have received opportunities they otherwise would not have had, which in turn has made a life changing impact on them. Where poverty once defined who they were, they are now stepping out of poverty, into a world of education, love and support, which will see them reach their goals in life, and, impact their family too. It is really amazing what a small cost per month can do to change someone’s life.

Thank you IHF for what you are doing in Indonesia, Thailand and Kenya.” 

– Kathryn

Please feel free to comment to give our children and volunteers in the field words of encouragement.

If you are considering to sponsor a child click here:http://www.ihfonline.org/sponsor.php

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