This week is a great and busy week for me. Everyday i am busy  with teaching  and center stuff. I am really satisfied too with the students’ achievement, because i see they become better in Math especially for elementary students and also for English. Some students also like to stay in the center after the class to practice their English, drawing and read books.

We have some new local volunteers too. They are my juniors in the psychology department who are really excited to teach our student. I sometimes also hang out with local volunteers and friends to have a coffee and a chat. As we will have a new co-director (Jessica) coming to the center, Caroline and myself have been busy preparing Jessica’s room and cleaning the center. We wanted to make the room nice and comfortable for her. One day after finished the class, myself and Aan (a local volunteer) also painted Jessica’s room. It was fun but so tiring. We hope Jessica likes it!

2013-09-11 15.10.39Milissa, Volunteer, IHF Aceh

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