My third week at the Bali center has passed. As I read many times before on this blog, it’s going fast, too fast! So many ideas and so little time to put them in action. The center is going great, but there are always little things we can change and make better. I hope we have some time next week to repaint our IHF sign, that would be a nice reminder of my stay here. We also hope to start a little dance group with some of the girls (they all just love the Balinese dancing) , so they can go and preform in the hotels around the center, too bad I won’t be around to see that.

It still gets hot (too hot for me anyway) in the afternoon when classes start, but with a big bottle of water and a shower to look forward to, classes are going very well. For three weeks I’ve been teaching the same students and it’s fun to see how they start to interact with you outside of the class. I still have trouble with remembering all their names, I guess I will finally get most of them by the time I leave.

IMG_1500This week the kids wrote letters and made posters for their sponsors. Some of them really make an afford to make their letter look colorful and nice, I’m sure they will put a smile on their sponsors face when they receive the letters.

On Wednesday we had a visit from an Italian couple who brought us games and books. We were very thankful and it made us clean out the closet so there was room for the new toys and games donated in the last months for the kids to play with while they don’t have class. The three boxes of Lego we got are a big hit with all the students, even our juniors stayed a little longer on Thursday to build houses and trucks.

IMG_1503I still don’t understand what the kids are saying/shouting to each other in Indonesian. All I know is I have to avoid words with (rolling) r’s, I can’t say them and the kids think that’s hilarious. Luckily we have dictionaries in class to help us out.

This weekend we, all the volunteers, go to Kuta and Pura Besakih. It’s nice that we have time in the weekend to do little trips so we can see what this beautiful island has to offer us. The relaxing atmosphere, the happy faces everywhere, you just can’t have a bad day in Bali!
Charlot, Volunteer, IHF Bali

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