Match of the Day

This report is put together by Nelson Apura, a senior boy at our children’s home – IHF Kenya – who is a budding sport’s reporter:

It was a wonderful morning today after waiting for a long time for the tournament to kick off, the kids wake up early in the morning and prepared themselves and some of the older ladies volunteered to help in the kitchen together with Julie. At about 9:00 am Mellon Mission school arrived in the centre found the field was still marking. A few minutes later, another team came from Jamii children home and followed by St Jerome children Home. Everyone showed a smile to each other for meeting with different friends from other places.

After everything was cleared the first matches kicked off at the same time whereby we have divided the field by two which will be used at same time. Our older boys played against Mellon stars which made us to fear and actually no one was expecting bad results at the end of the match. Mellon stars beat our team 2-0 but we moved forward to see another game.  At the other side was our junior team playing against Mellon junior and our juniors showed us a good performance when beating their opponents 5-0, the man of the match was Kapanat who played as attacking defender and scored 4 goals.

At about 11am Deliverance Children’s home came with senior and juniors team. We moved forward and made another fixture which our senor boys played again with Deliverance and juniors played with Jami. Our result was very good and the game was very interesting to everyone, seniors boys drew and juniors beat again Jami 4-0. I was very excited all over when the juniors were playing due to their passes and understanding each other.

We left the field for lunch at about 1pm , this was impressing to all children who found food was ready prepared by Julie and ladies. The food was enough and everyone satisfied.  After eating our delicious meal, we moved again to field for semi- finals.  Whereby our seniors boys played with Deliverance, Mellon stars played against Jami and we had qualified to beat them 1-0, the goal score was Apura Lotuw  who scored a wonderful penalty. Other side Jami played hard game to beat their opponents in first half 2-0 Mellon came with a lot of pressure to score the two goals as possible.  They went to the penalty kicks after they drew 2-2 and Jami lose to qualified to the finals.

Our children both went to finals against Deliverance seniors and juniors but juniors lose 1-0, seniors won 1-0 scored by Paul Kakuko. The man of the match was Benson Kasigho a boy who made 56 sure passes.

IHF teamAfter the finals, Richard called everyone to take the certificates for attending the tournament and it was amazing that there was no one injured. This means that there was a lot of unity and love amongst all the children and our staff who organise the tournament. We are happy to Julie and Richard for their corporation to us. Hope to see another friends again coming to our centre.

IHF junior academyNelson Apura reporting from Nakuru IHF children Home.


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