This was the first full week of teaching classes for me and also going to one of the community centers that IHF Aceh has partnered with to teach English and Math Classes in Blang Kreung. The students there ranged from 5-12 year olds, and they were so full of energy and curiosity.

One girl had a dictionary with her, and the entire time she came to me wanting to ask questions. She would check to make sure that she had found the question she wanted to ask, and would come to me, saying it in English. Soon, after, she would join her friends and giggle at her courage!

1373943_10153312494410133_367226098_nThis week we also held the first CV Workshop for the college students and young adults. Most of them have never created one, and didn’t quite have an idea of what was important to include in it. Although westerners may write resumes differently than Indonesians, the overall concept of what to include and not to include is still the same. The Workshop was a great success, and we decided to arrange a 2nd workshop for the following week, where the students would create their first drafts, while the Co-Directors would help proofread it for them. It’s nice to know that helping them with things like these can hopefully help them get the job they want, or enter into the university programs of their choice.

Children2Jessica, Co-Director, Aceh, IHF Indonesia


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