It’s the third week of my volunteer time in Bali center. The closer to the day I will leave, the stronger I feel myself love the center and the children here. Me and my friend Xiaoran teach class to children every day. The children in the class give us a lot of unforgettable impression. For example, one girl named Ari in class one always speaks to us in Indonesian when she has questions, which confuses us totally. But she is really cute and lovely with her innocent face and big eyes, making us like her involuntarily. Class two has more children and some boys are naughty. But as long as we give them a stern look, they behave well immediately. We also teach class 4 and 6. They are older and many of them really want to learn something. Whenever they understand something new, we are really happy and have a great sense of accomplishment. The center is close to sea and has very beautiful view. Sometimes we take a short walk on the beach near the center after class to relax ourselves. Hopefully I can have chance to come here again.

IMG_2206Xiaqian, Work Study Volunteer, IHF Bali


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