Farming is mighty easy….

Dwight D Eisenhower once said: “farming is mighty easy when your plough is a pencil and you’re a thousand miles away from the corn field”. It is only through spending the last four months on the Peace Farm in Kenya that I have realised how right he was. Even before I arrived, the field was ploughed, tilled and planted with four and a half acres of maize in addition to some kales and cabbage. We have since planted tomatoes, onions and beans along with replanting the brassicas.


By far the most labour intensive crop has been the maize. It has been weeded and tended to almost constantly by the farm workers and the children during weekends. Our security guards have also been on hand to chase away hungry pigs, stray cows and would-be thieves to allow us to harvest without losing too much of the crop. The cobs have been supplementing our menu for the last fortnight while the rest was harvested and dried. It was quite a relief then that yesterday we finally went ahead with kernelling the maize and bagging it for further drying and storage. Though hard work, the process turned into quite a communal event with directors, staff and children alike crowding to fill bags to supply the machine. After a hectic hour we all stood back to admire the fifteen 90kg bags of maize that will feed us for the next three months. A job well done!


Richard, Co-Director, IHF Kenya


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