Our job is to teach local children in Medan all knowledge we have learned, especially English. We feel a sense of responsibility in our heart. And it’s no doubt very meaningful for us. Though a little bit nervous at first, we always help with each other to conquer difficulty. Through teaching, I’m feeling happy and mentally rich. Besides, after class, we play games with children, full of fun. What’s more fun, we volunteers have gone to Jungle to enjoy our travel in Medan. There, we visited some interesting animals, such as baboon, monkey and we also experienced exciting drift. In one word, we are enjoying every minute of it.

In our second week, we continued teaching children English. Most students have enthusiastic heart to learn knowledge. They listen to the classes very carefully and desire to raise questions after classes. After friends, children are active and we volunteers are like good playmates. On Friday, when students are in holiday, we six volunteers went to Lake Toba to go sightseeing. The lake is so scenic that it attracts us very much. We swam, rode bike, and played football there. People there are really hospitable. On Saturday, they showed their local dance to us, making us happy and memorable. It’s time to say goodbye to Medan. We will never forget life here which brings us happiness all the time. If I have the chance, I will come again surely. Hoping to see you again, IHF Medan center.

IMG_1486(1)Xu Mingchen, Volunteer, IHF Medan


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