Buka Bersama

Last week we celebrated Ayu’s birthday by inviting all the students to a Buka Bersama, a fast breaking together. Ayu spent the days before planning carefully, and she did a wonderful job. Many students arrived, from all different age groups, including many younger children. We gathered in circles around our plates of chips, donuts, dates and most importantly, tea. The moment approached and Ade watched the clock carefully, waiting for 5.57pm. The excitement grew until finally the clock ticked over and all the students gulped down their tea and donuts as fast as they could (although I’m quite sure the younger children weren’t actually fasting).
Buka Bersama - Ulta Ayu-27We all enjoyed the snacks and other treats the children brought to share, and then Ayu’s birthday cake was produced. After singing and blowing out the candles, we lured her outside, where Rahma and many of the students had a special surprise: a bucketful of some strange concoction! At first Ayu was mobbed by all the students, but she got her own back, and by the time we came back inside, a lot of them were covered in the mystery mix from the bucket.
Buka Bersama - Ulta Ayu-16 The students went home after this, but Ayu’s friends, and many of our volunteers, local and international, stayed on, and we ate a special meal prepared by Ibu for the occasion. It was a happy day for Ayu and well deserved, as we are so proud of her (even more than usual) that she has been accepted to Universitas Negeri Jakarta. We know she’ll be a fantastic student!
Buka Bersama - Ulta Ayu-13Tess, Director, IHF Jakarta

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