Indonesia Insights

Charlot, Volunteer, IHF Bali

Next Wednesday I leave Bali to continue my travels; so this will be my last blog entry. What did this month of volunteering fly by. The past week many kids kept coming to the center and a lot of our classes are getting full. But I’m finally starting to be better at remembering their names.

IMG_7484 This week we had a visit from some doctors who offered free basic medical examinations (hearing, sight) and taught the kids some basic hygiene. They were really nice people, the kids were enthusiastic and I hope they (and their attending mothers) learned from them. The team will come back a few more times, as they only have time to examine 30 children in one afternoon.
I’m sure I will be a little lost the first few days after I leave Bali, missing the daily routines at the center, the noisy but happy kids, the sometimes nerve-wracking but often rewarding classes and more in general the sunny and relaxing atmosphere of Bali. It was truly an interesting and mind opening experience. So I will leave with a little regret that I only stayed one month, but also with a lot of nice memories and new insights about life in Indonesia.

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