New Roof

Richard, Co-Director, IHF Kenya

Work started on the renovations to the boy’s dorm roof this week with the arrival of a team of roofers from the nearby Gilgil. Organised by a friend of Julie’s, the roofers quickly sprung into action and started tearing down tiles and timbers from the roof. Having spent most of Monday morning driving around to lumber yards; visiting hardware shop and negotiating with metal merchants; we eventually had all the materials needed to start the build. The lead builder Festus and his team then set to work waterproofing the roof with iron sheets before replacing the tiles.


Though the boys have had to move out for the week and are now living in slightly more cramped conditions, they are all really excited to having their accommodation refurbished. When the roof is finished we will use the money generously gifted by our donors to replace bedding and fix windows. Thanks as always go to our fantastic supporters who make all this possible.

PS You may recognise the boy below as Ben, who is the face of the IHF blog. Look how much he has grown up!



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