Aceh Center Make-Over

By Jessica, Co-Director Banda Aceh IHF

Last Sunday we were finally able to get a couple of gardeners to fix up our backyard! They did a great job to our garden, though unfortunately a few flowers were cut along the way as well.IMG_5954 But now, it looks great, and when the students arrived, they happily walked around the grounds and started shooting some hoops at previously hidden little basketball hoop.IMG_5955

The gardener is also now a new member of our college class. He is currently a college student studying to be a general education teacher, and upon hearing about what we did for our organization, asked whether he could join our college class to improve his English skills. We happily welcomed him, and are even gladder to know that we will be helping him achieve his dream in educating future students here in Aceh.

We have also revamped our classes a bit in lieu of November. We have gotten quite a few new registered students, and decided to separate our SD3 and SD4 class accordingly as the class was getting slightly too large. The SD4 students were definitely excited and up for the challenge.IMG_5771

We also divided the College classes into 2 levels, as the students’ English levels and skills were quite different. We tried it out on Tuesday, and it was a great success! The teachers were able to plan appropriate lessons for the students, and you could see that the students were fully engaged, since the lesson was planned according to their level of understanding.IMG_5951

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