Half-time at IHF Bali!

By Sina, Work-Study Volunteer at IHF Bali center

I have spent two amazing weeks at the IHF Center at Bali and there is still so much to explore! Last weekend, for example, we went with a small public bus to the beach nearby the Center and it was like an image from a postcard with clear blue water, white sand and palm trees everywhere! After the swimming I got a real fresh coconut and just had to put my straw in to drink the coconut milk- it was fantastic and I haven’t done something like this before!

IMG_1324Back at the school I had to prepare the tasks for my 3 Quizzes in English for the upcoming week- because it was Quiz week at the IHF Center! One of the major topics was to build a Question like “Where are you from?”, “What do you like?”, “Who are you?”, “How old are you?” and therefore we started a big conversation at the classroom and everyone of the pupils was allowed to tell something about themselves and their families and friends, hobbies,favourite food, their pets and was allowed to ask their neighbours about their lives afterwards–it was great fun!IMG_1283

Accordingly, I had to show them on the world map at the classroom where Germany is and everyone wanted to know what Germany looks like, in which city I live in, what its like to live there and especially what snow is and how far away Germany is from Indonesia.IMG_1296

All of the pupils are so nice and adorable, and even after those short  2 weeks at the Center, it feels like that I have stayed here so much longer and I learned so much from everyone. I really can not imagine that I have to leave them already after only two more weeks – it feels like time is running past so quickly!IMG_1294


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