Change of Venue at Aceh

By Jessica, Co-Director, IHF Aceh

This week we moved venues for the Blang Krueng class. The place is where the village library is located, and often times, people in the neighborhood will go there to practice something or other.

IMG_6024We were all slightly unsure during the first class, as we didn’t know if they had whiteboards, tables, and chairs available for the students. Luckily one of the village representatives was there to guide us. She provided us with one whiteboard, and we taught the younger class inside the library. After the lesson the students excitedly picked up books to read as well.

For the older students, we held the class on the second floor of a tower. There were no whiteboards available, so we had to make do with some paper. Luckily we have some extra whiteboards at the center, which we brought over the following class.

And on Sunday it was a “Cleaning Day” at the center. The local volunteer teachers agreed on a day to come to the center and help organize and clean things.

1003468_10153012325350133_1482522542_nOur wonderful Volunteer Math Teacher Icut, brought her daughter Zahwa to help us duringcleaning day as well. Zahwa cleaned and reorganized one of our bookshelves, and she was a great trooper in helping us all out to make our center beautiful!

All of our volunteers are a crucial part of the IHF family and a true reflection of what the Acehnese people are like. Incredibly generous and kind-hearted people.


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