Meditation in Bali

By Madalina, Work-Study Volunteer, IHF Bali

I have always wanted to live near the coast, have my own private time watching the waves and the sunset whenever I feel like. I didn’t actually look for it. It just happened to be  Bali and IHF and to have the advantage of helping others, and learn so many things from the children while I have my dream come true. Actually both things are dreams came true. We come here to help the children, but I think in the end they are the ones who are helping us. I would like to give them as many great moments as they are giving to me. They are very joyful almost all the time. And when they are not they sniff in such a funny way that it’s impossible not to smile.Some of them act like bossy, some of them are just sly and the oldest ones very caring with the smallest ones.They come from different villages, from different backgrounds and different religions. But they just seem to get on so well and help each others when they don’t understand something. I am having a week of being closer to the kids and getting to know them better. This is all that interests me now. Having them around me.



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