Holidays in Kenya

By Julie, Director, IHF Kenya

The long Christmas school holidays are upon us and many of the children have traveled back to their communities in East Pokot for the holidays to be with family and friends for the festive season. The journey for some of them is very long taking up to two days but it is essential that they maintain these links with their homes and traditions so that when they graduate from IHF at 18 they still feel they have a place to go to. Some 10 children have no one and these are staying at the center. We are trying to make the time fun for them with movie nights, computer classes and special activities.

ChembalawLittle Chembalaw lives far too far to travel home on her own and sadly is the only small girl left at the center for a couple of weeks. So as a special treat we went into town for ice-cream and soda. We will be using the time to work on the dorms including replacing windows and some of the bedding in preparation for the children’s return. We want them to be happily surprised by all the changes to their home.

window 2typical mattress


2 thoughts on “Holidays in Kenya

  1. Oh Julie, this breaks my heart… What can I do for Chembalaw on Christmas? Can we skype with you guys ? We wanted to send her a gift, but if it never arrives…. Please let me know. Thanks !

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