‘Pass it on’

By Karolina, Director, IHF Jakarta

In accordance with IHF’s motto “Pass it On”, we have recently had several high school students interested in “passing on” their skills and knowledge to the kids learning at our center.

Rakshita has been teaching Math to grade 1 and 2 as part of her community service project. Larasati recently started art classes on Saturdays, open to all students. The topic of the first session was “landscape”!
IMG_0042Seeing this as an opportunity to attract more skilled high-schoolers to volunteer with the center, IHF Jakarta attended a fair organized by one of the international schools in South Jakarta. We handed out about 100 flyers to the students, talked to them about our activities and opportunities for them to get involved. We also got to know other organizations and foundations operating in Jakarta. We hope that the students will come up with creative ways of fundraising and/or volunteering directly at the center.
It is very uplifting to see that young people are willing to contribute their time and energy to charity and community-oriented services.

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