Exam week in Bali

By Katarina, Work-Study Volunteer Bali, IHF Bali

This week has been very busy at the centre. All of the children have been here as they knew that it was exam week. I was watching the kids while they were working on their tests, and it just amazed me how focused they were and how much they wanted to do well.

IMG_0947On Wednesday the girls were rehearsing a traditional Balinese dance. It was only their fifth time that they had rehearsed, so I wasn’t expecting anything brilliant yet, but I was really surprised when they started to dance. They already knew all the steps, so the only thing they have to work on is to make it really smooth. I’m pretty sure that by the end of December when they are supposed to perform, the dance will be perfect and the audience will be begging for a repeat.

Oh and if you have a question going on in your minds if I tried to dance with them, yes, I did and gave up pretty quickly. I think you really have to have a drop of Balinese blood in your veins to be good at this spectacular dance.

IMG_0854Today we’ve had a very joyful visitor at our centre. It is a white puppy that has probably no owner. We are still hoping that its owner will come and take it home. Well, I shouldn’t really say ‘we’ because the only thing I am hoping for is to keep it here forever. And also, we are very close to naming it and you know how it goes; once you name a puppy, it becomes inevitably part of your home. So fingers crossed.



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