Kenya at 50

By Richard, Co-Director, IHF Kenya

Arriving in Kenya six months ago the first thing that struck me was the friendliness of the people here. As a stereotypically reserved British person, the profuse handshakes, smiles and invitations to visit stranger’s homes was slightly disconcerting. Naively I had also expected a more negative reaction to people from the UK, but experienced none. With the 50th anniversary of Kenyan independence from the British marked in December, Kenyans are far more interested in looking forward than dwelling on the past. Kenya is currently being presided over by only its fourth president and is still a relatively young country by international standards. This is reflected in the exuberance, drive and dynamism expressed by the majority of the population. Of course, most people live difficult lives, but it is my hope that the children at IHF Nakuru are being given the opportunity to tap into this national urge to develop and to create an even better Kenya for tomorrow.


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