Busy week in Jakarta

By Helene, Co-Director, IHF Jakarta

Last week-end was my first week-end off since starting at IHF. Strangely, as much as I was happy to get some rest from work, I found myself struggling with knowing how to handle that much free time! Of course, I met friends and got to sleep longer in the morning but still, I was actually very happy to get back to work on Tuesday!  I guess, getting into a scheduled working-life is not that easy and small adjustments still need to be made along the way. Anyways, the week started and it didn’t disappoint me as we got even busier than usual. Outside of normal classes, Karolina organized a TEP meeting on Wednesday, which gave me the opportunity to meet many of our sponsored kids’ mothers. Ayu did a great presentation and Ibu cooked a lot of delicious snacks. After the meeting, we all got to chat with them and it was great.

20131004_123727On Thursday, Ibu made me so happy by cooking both soto ayam (soup with chicken, vermicelli, soya beans and lots of delicious ingredients) and perkedel (fried mashed potatoes), which are my favorite Indonesian dishes! On Saturday, we had a teacher training session. Karolina asked Louis, our football coach, who is a teacher during the week, to come and give us advices on how to teach in a more efficient way. Several volunteers came over, such as Dita, Siti and Tiwi, and joined the session. We made mock class plans, exchanged ideas about new systems to motivate students. Making sure that we provide our students with the best education possible is one of IHF biggest focus. It was really enriching and I’m sure we are all excited to start applying those new ideas to our classes. Saturday night, Ayu, Adit, Rahma and I watched movie together at home, while Ade was rehearsing some songs with his friends. On Sunday, Ayu, Rahma, Ibu, her two daughters, Ica and Putri, and I went to the swimming pool together. We spent the day jumping, swimming, playing games and it was great fun. We went home exhausted but delighted, ready to start another week!



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