Smile for the cameras

By Jessica, Co-Director, IHF Aceh

On Saturday a local photographer Toa came to our center to take some pro-bono photographs of our children. We had the SD1 and SD2 students that day, and the pictures were beautifully done. It shows the genuine smile on our students’ faces, as well as their undivided attention while listening to their teachers or working on an exercise.

One of the things that really makes the work we are doing possible with IHF are people like Toa, all of our local volunteers, international volunteers, as well as friends and families of our students. The moment we contacted Toa, asking if he would be willing to help us out, he immediately accepted, no questions asked. While at the center, as he pulled his camera out, he was a natural with the children, making sure they were comfortable and able to take the most candid photos out of them.

1465186_605933019455485_67329707_nWe are also preparing the center to welcome a volunteer who will be joining us over the next 2 months. Blake will start as a voluntourist for the first month, and then go on to do this work-study volunteering on the second month. He actually arrived a little earlier than we expected in Aceh, and was kind enough to bring 4 laptops with him, as well, as tons of ideas and enthusiasm for new projects to be implemented within the center.

As he has arrived early here in Aceh, he has also gotten a chance to meet some of our students as well. He assisted us in some of our classes, and the students absolutely loved him, as they played and asked him questions. It’s great to see how confident the kids are and friendly they are toward new people.



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