Work and Play in Bali

By Jordina, Work-Study Volunteer, IHF Bali

My third week and third blog!
The children here are wonderful, and after three weeks I am delighted to be here, teaching English is one of the best experiences I’ve had. I ‘m very grateful to be able to have the opportunity to volunteer in this way. With IHF I have discovered things about myself that I will carry with me wherever I go.
It is rewarding to see the smile of a child when he understands what you say, or to  observe the look of effort on the children’s faces when the teacher teaches a new topic.
DSC_4838Although with the children it is not all teaching or working, we also have time to enjoy! We can play cards, play tag, or learning a new games like hom-pim-pa (you play with your hands), or discover that the game about scissors, paper or rock exist all over the world!
Last weekend we devised a special project! We made masks with balloons and paper and the next weekend  we will paint them! All the children were very happy and all of them enjoyed the activity, including the older ones!

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