Still Raining in Kenya

By Julie, Co-Director, IHF Kenya

Since the demise of our kitchen we have been struggling to cook on firewood in this un-seasonable rain. Firewood is much cheaper than gas and so we try to reserve our gas stove for just very early morning tea. December is supposed to be dry season here in Kenya. However, we have had substantial rain most days. Whilst this is good for our farm it is a big concern in our community. As part of the rift valley, Nakuru enjoys a micro-climate due to its height and situation within a volcanic rift. However the recent GeoThermal mining of energy in the valley just outside Nakuru to produce electricity has resulted in significant local climate change – hence all the rain. It is a very serious issue as Lake Nakuru is now flooding resulting in the loss of feeding grounds for the famous flamingos who have relocated to Lake Baringo. This is beginning to have an effect on the local tourist industry as well.

Cooking outside in the rain

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