Education in Indonesia: Thinking Forward

Supplements for Education in Indonesia & How IHF’s Class Sponsorship Program Can Help.

By Johanna, Co-Director, IHF Bali

The recent publication in Inside Indonesia highlights an undeniable disproportion facing Indonesia today: high expenditures (20% of the national budget) in education, unfortunately yielding suboptimal adolescent education. In recent PISA  tests, Indonesia ranked in the lowest percentiles in all focus areas.  Families cannot do much in the way of school-sponsored or private supplements, as these are usually unaffordable for less affluent demographic groups.

International Humanity Foundation (IHF), with locations in Medan, Aceh, Buitan (Bali),  and Jakarta, addresses this quite unique situation by specifically targeting children belonging to these groups. Through largely volunteer-based instructors, IHF is able to keep administrative costs low and offer The Education Program (TEP) to those who need it most. The “Class Program”, a derivative  of TEP, allows for full classes of children to benefit.

Copyright  Inside Indonesia

Details of the article can be found here:

Want to contribute? : Read more about IHF’s TEP and  “Class Programs” – and how you can help at:

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