Welcome to Banda Aceh

By Amy, Voluntourist, IHF Aceh

“Welcome to Banda Aceh”, that’s what my best friend said to me when I met her at the airport in Banda Aceh Indonesia on Thursday. Well, actually we hugged and cried a whole lot first.

My best friend is Caroline, one of the Co-Directors of the centre here in Banda Aceh, and my name is Amy. I’m a Voluntoursit for the next two weeks. You see, I have always wanted to volunteer overseas, but I think to be honest I have always been scared; I am NOT a huge thrill seeker. But when Caroline said “Get over here, you will love it”, I finally had the encouragement to follow my dreams.

Being here is more then I ever expected it to be, Aceh is so vibrant in every way. The houses are painted in every colour of the rainbow and the people here; their smiles light up any room!

1479610_10153557124645133_517987413_nFor my first couple of days I have had the privilege of teaching both young kids and an art history course to college students. Each student has their own unique perspective and way of learning. Being a part of this is what makes it so extraordinary!

In the coming weeks, I am going to be teaching kids not only at the IHF centre, but out in rural communities. I come from an art background, and hope to do art classes with the younger students. IHF is doing amazing work here in Banda Aceh. Everyone at the centre has made me feel like I am one of the family, and I am so happy and proud to see what my best friend has been so passionate about for the past six months.




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