First-Aid and Beach Safety in Aceh

By Jessica,  Co-Director,  IHF Aceh

Last Sunday, we  held our First-Aid and Beach Safety workshop, held by our previous voluntourist, Blake. We all went to the beach, and learned about how to spot when the water is  dangerous, and how to know when it’s better not to enter the water. It was interesting to learn that where the water seems to be the calmest, it actually is at its most dangerous ! A good lesson indeed for our kids, volunteers and staff.

Blake, former VT

First Aid at AcehWe then did practical exercises using a couple of dummies, and the students got a chance to learn how to check a victim’s breathing, and do CPR if required. Finally, we all went to the beach for a demonstration on how to swim in case anyone is ever caught in a dangerous rip. A few of the students were even  brave enough to venture out. As a Certified Lifeguard, Blake made sure that the students felt safe and confident the whole time.

We truly hope that by doing this workshop, the information will stick. It seems like there is very little to no information when it comes to beach safety, and the knowledge that Blake shared with us all  was invaluable!


4 thoughts on “First-Aid and Beach Safety in Aceh

  1. IHF has its good mission for all over the world. Continue helping the hope of our future. …. and I wanna join your foundation this coming summer vacation. Thank you!

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