First Days and Impressions in Medan

By Hanxue Jiang (Cynthia), Yueting Tang (Susan ), Meixin Xu (Lynn) :  Voluntourists,  IHF Medan Medan 2

It’s our pleasure to be volunteers in Medan:  to teach and play and learn with the children here in Medan. The current Director , Louise,  is a very warm-hearted and passionate person, and she talks a lot about the life,the children and the daily routine in IHF center.Medan life We were very nervous before the first class, but it has proven  interesting and quite easy once the ice breaks. We taught the children to sing some famous songs [like edelweiss, big big world and ABC] and to draw some pictures. At first, some kids are too shy to respond  us and the class is noisy. But later the lesson always gets better; the students were active and we got closer.

Though we felt embarrassed to teach at first, it  got better after we got to know each other. Children warmly introduced themselves to us and really love to take photos with us. Although the teaching conditions are not perfect, students have a strong desire to gain knowledge. The local teachers are willing to offer help to us. We are looking forward to next week’s volunteer life.


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