Cleaning, Climbing and Classes!

By Melody, Work-Study, IHF Thailand
Chiang Rai
What an eventful week at the Chiang Rai center! The center has been full of
music and laughter and lots of good smells from the kitchen. Sunday saw the
return of work study volunteer Jordina, as well as the arrival of new
co-director Trinh. Both were welcomed excitedly by children and volunteers
alike. Everyone’s curious about a new face, but we love to see old faces

IMG_20140116_201123 (1)
English classes started this week, and I was pleasantly surprised to have
three ready and excited to learn pupils. Talking with the older girls at
the center during English class is definitely going to be a highlight of my
time here.
Thursday was a very busy day at the center. It was the last day for our Executive Director Julie, but she made sure to remind everyone she`ll be back in just a few months!

Kids cleaning at Chiang Rai

The children had the day off of school, so that
morning, all the children and volunteers worked together to spruce up the
yard–sweeping up leaves and dirt and pulling lots and lots of those pesky

With incredible timing, the ice-cream man pulled up to the center and a short while later; everyone enjoyed their well-deserved treat! Many of the
children relaxed while watching a movie in the center’s make-shift theater
but those who still had energy in the afternoon took a gorgeous walk up the
mountain to a temple overlooking the entire city of Chiang Rai.  The walk to the top was tough, but the view was spectacular and completely worth all the effort.

Hike up
Even with the odd weather we’ve been having (hot days and very cold nights, which is making everyone a little confused), I’m excited to go into my third week
here in Chiang Rai and see what else I  learn and experience!


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