IHF Partners With the London School of Public Relations!

By Ayu and Karolina, Co-Directors, IHF Jakarta

We are partners with LSPR!

On November 29th, International Humanity Foundation and the London School of Public Relations, Jakarta ,  signed a Memorandum of Understanding pertaining to the joint partnership program. lspr

At the signing event, we had the opportunity to present our activities to the students of the school and other companies that planned to join the partnership. Ade with the Head of the Career Center, Ms Candy Hernandez

We are very excited about potential applicants from the school. Two students from the school have been volunteering with us for a while and if all the students at the LSPR are as committed and creative as Dita, or as energetic and involved with the youngest kids as Alvon, we can look forward to many amazing interns! We also got to do quite a bit of networking! Our long-term volunteer and LSPR alumni Dita, with Karolina from our University Relations Team and a plackard gifted by the LSPR!

Ayu was quite impressed with the school facilities, as she writes herself:

 I would like to share my story about my experience when we visited London School of Public Relations last week. It was so great. I felt so happy and grateful to be there. Our purpose to go there was to sign a memorandum regarding a partnership with them,  so that students of the London School of Public Relations can have experience to be a volunteer with IHF.
All the facilities at the school are so nice and luxurious and I haven’t seen anything like that in any other university. Everything is there! Their technology facilities are extremely advanced!
We all know that London School of Public Relations is one of the most  famous schools in Jakarta. We really hope that with their assistance, we help the children in many new ways. I am sure that if everyone sees the work done and supports IHF, we will help  to decrease the economical and educational difficulties faced in Indonesia today.
Together we can!
Ayu waiting for the event to begin

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