So, can you Aflatoun ?!

By Karolina, Co-Director, IHF Jakarta

What is Aflatoun all about?

I can tell you that Aflatoun is super cool, although most of you probably don’t even know what it is! If you want to get the big picture right away, go to their website But if you want to know what Aflatoun means for our students, let me give you a small introduction.
Aflatoun is a program for social and financial education to children. At the Jakarta center, we got trained by Aflatoun trainers about 6 months ago and we have Aflatoun classes three times a week: Thursdays for grade 1 and 2, Fridays for grade 3 and 4, and Saturdays for grade 5.
About half the time these classes are small seminars about very practical things: drawing a map showing one’s way from home to school and discussing what to do if one is lost; planning a birthday party; and assessing how long one has to save pocket money to have enough for a nice party for several friends; acting out emotions and discussing how to resolve conflicts and not hold a grudge.
We also show kids how to have fun without expensive toys or electronic gadgets, how to work in teams and pairs, how to make toys and useful objects out of old and used objects. We play a lot of concentration games, enact stories and discuss the meaning behind them, as well as learn how to listen and share what one has to say.
The odd thing is that we were worried our students wouldn’t like the classes, but here we are: Aflatoun classes are extremely popular and kids can’t wait for them!

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